Criteria for Granting Facility Permits

Criteria for Granting

The director of Parks and Recreation shall consider the application and grant the permit after considering all of the criteria specified in Section 18.5-5 of the Parks and Recreation Ordinance:
  1. All associations requesting use of a lighted field for an entire season must submit an application for permit prior to any organized activity at requested facility.
  2. All applications completed by associations for a season will be considered and scheduled according to field availability and greatest need. Total number of participants needing facilities and efficient utilization of utilities will be criteria for consideration.
  3. Historical presence of an association at a certain facility during a specific season shall be a determining factor in granting of a permit. Historical presence for the purpose of this document is defined as "the established, on-going use of a specific facility, during a designated time frame or season that has occurred more than once."
  4. An association may be granted use of a facility on a seasonal basis; however, no more than three nights per week will be granted to one group.
  5. An association's shall pay individual participation fees based on residency or rental fees for lighted or unlighted field use depending on group's classification.
  6. Use by the public shall be on a first come, first served basis when not previously reserved.

Conditions on Granting

The director may impose reasonable conditions or restrictions on the granting of a permit including, but not limited to, any of the following:
  • A requirement that the applicant pay a reasonable fee to defray the cost of furnishing adequate security forces by the city at the proposed use or activity
  • A requirement that the applicant post a reasonable deposit of security for the repair of any damage to park property or the cost of clean-up, or both
  • A requirement that the permittee furnish additional sanitary and refuse facilities that might be reasonably necessary based on the use or activity for which the permit is being sought

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For additional information about the criteria used for granting facility permits, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 281.403.8637.